AA Training & Education

Its summer and I know the first thing on everyone’s mind is how I can make time for affirmative action training & education.  I know it is a hard choice between taking a few days by the pool or a few days in a room talking about the latest trends of the OFCCP.  In the event you want to combine the two I suggest you go to the National Industry Liaison Group’s National Conference in Las Vegas, August 3rd – 6th.  The list of speakers is impressive including Patricia Shiu – OFCCP Director, Cari M. Dominquez – former Chair of EEOC, OFCCP Regional Directors, EEOC District Directors and many consultants running educational sessions.  So spend some time educating yourself on AA and spend some time by the pool in Las Vegas.  Hope to see you there.

If Vegas in August doesn’t sound appealing or it doesn’t fit the budget this year, here is another option.  The conference that I never miss is the National Employment Law Institute (NELI) Affirmative Action Briefing.  It always covers the latest OFCCP developments, information on the issues contractors continue to have and their binder is chock full of information you won’t get anywhere else.  It’s offered at four locations nationwide the month of October. If you can’t make the Briefing consider purchasing the Affirmative Action Workbook.

If the budget is really tight webinars are the way to go.  Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. (BCGi) Institute for Workforce Development provides free webinars to its members.  Membership is free, complete a registration form and get access to upcoming and past webinars on Compensation Analysis, EEO/AA Compliance, Statistics and Testing.