OFCCP’s 2011 Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda Recap

On July 12th, OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu hosted a live web chat regarding the Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda.  OFCCP has five entries in the new agenda including improving employment opportunities for veterans, disabled individuals and women and minorities in the construction industry, developing a compensation data tool and updating the sexual discrimination guidelines.

Highlights from the discussion:

  • ANPRM regarding compensation tool should be published within the next few weeks; the tool will most likely be available to contractors as well as OFCCP staff
  • Section 503 NPRM is expected within the next month
  • Construction Contractor regulation proposal should be completed by November 2011
  • By fall, the updated Federal Contractor Compliance Manual (FCCM) will be available
  • NPRM proposing changes to sex discrimination regulations expected February 2012, Shiu commented they have been in place more than 30 years, and the OFCCP wants to update them to reflect employer policies and practices along with significant changes to the nature and extent of women’s participation in the work force
  • Comment review for NPRM on Section 4212 of VEVRAA has begun; the Final Rule is expected to be published in spring of 2012 and will include comments and issues raised and the OFCCP’s responses
  • OFCCP is in contact with other DOL Agencies (Women’s Bureau, VETS, ODEP, and ETA), other federal and state agencies to develop veteran initiatives and to ensure that the returning troops receive equal opportunity in employment
  • The National Resource Directory (an online collaboration between Department of Labor, Department of Defense and Department of Veteran’s Affairs) was mentioned as a resource to link with protected veterans seeking
  • The updated Employment Resource Referral Directory should be available on the OFCCP site within the next few weeks
  • OFCCP is recruiting for Regional Director in the Midwest Region and Deputy Regional Directors in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Dallas regions
  • Comments on the revised scheduling letter are being reviewed and a determination will be coming in the near future

During the discussion, Director Shiu stated, “in the first six months of Fiscal Year 2011, OFCCP has completed 44 financial conciliation agreements that include $5.66 million and 657 job offers for 8,090 victims. This compares favorably to the same period last year when we had completed 35 financial CAs totaling $2.77 million and 582 job-offers for 3,157 victims. This represents a 25 percent increase in CAs, more than double the financial remedies and, most importantly, an increase in job opportunities for workers who faced discrimination.”

OFCCP is keeping busy, read the summer edition of AA Insights to find out what you should be doing to prepare.