Our Approach

We work collaboratively with our clients to identify all elements of your business that impact affirmative action.  We work with your staff to collect and validate the data, prepare all required reports and narratives.  Finally we review the final AAPs with our clients and discuss next steps.



We’ll examine all the elements of your business which impact affirmative action planning. This will include things such as your organizational structure, systems and employment practices. This is an important step because it allows us to structure plans that put your company at its best advantage.


Affirmative action plans are essentially living documents that change annually, as your business changes, and as the legal and regulatory climate evolves. We can provide ongoing support and updating of your affirmative action plans.

trainingTraining and Knowledge Sharing

We work with your AA resource team collaboratively to transfer as much knowledge as possible. This provides for deeper understanding of affirmative action regulations and principles as well as potentially reducing your reliance on outside consulting fees for routine work.