Insights Newsletter

September 2018:
Recent OFCCP Directives and Guidance

October 2017:
National Disability Employment Awareness Month

July 2017:
I’m All About That Tech

March 2017:
Did You Know? OFCCP Tools Continued

September 2016:
Did You Know? The OFCCP has tools to answer your questions

May 2016:
OFCCP Internet Applicant infographic, definition & tips

November 2015:
What’s new from the OFCCP?

May 2015:
Implementing OFCCP’s New Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Rules

Autumn 2011:
Minor Changes from OFCCP on the “Revised” Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing

Summer 2011:
Summer Vacation For The OFCCP?

Spring 2011:
OFCCP’s New Audit Strategy: Management to Enforcement

Winter 2010:
The Future Focus of the OFCCP

Autumn 2010:
OFCCP v. Frito-Lay – Ruling Limiting Scope of OFCCP in Desk Audit

Summer 2010:
The Blog Issue

Spring 2010:
OFCCP’s focus on Covered Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities


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OFCCP Revised Scheduling Letter
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